Do you have drinking water?

Drinking water is free and available on-site from several taps. We will also have bottled water for sale. 

Will you be selling alcohol?

Yep! We love a good frothy after a hard day's ride.

What alcohol will you be selling

We sell a range of beers, cider, spirits and soft-drink. 

Can I bring my own alcohol? 

Yes this event is BYO! Some areas of the event site will be cordoned off due to liquor licensing – you are not able to bring BYO alcohol into this areas.

In saying this, we price our drinks very affordably (usually the same or cheaper than the shops due to buying in bulk/sponsorship) and all proceeds go back into building our events.  So don't stress too much and just drink with us!

What time does the bar open?

Our bar opens at 4pm on Friday, and 12pm on Saturday.

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