Recreational Registration


Please read below to understand how it works.

Due to the arterial roads in the area you will need to be dropped off and picked up from the tracks. 

To assist, we are offering a shuttle service for rec reg riders to and from the tracks.  Alternatively, you can arrange your own pick up / drop off with family and friends.

Shuttle times:

Saturday 11 March
Drop off: 12pm-2pm
Pick up: Ping for pick up on Discord

Sunday 12 March
Drop off: 8am-10am
Pick up: Ping for pick up on Discord

Please note:
If you want to do both intermediate and advanced tracks, you will need to have somebody drop you off to do your second track or you will need to do both tracks together (requires 150km of fuel range and you must do advanced track first.) You will not be able to do the beginner or road routes.

Intermediate track is 83km.
Advanced track is 100km.
Please plan fuel accordingly. 

There is no unloading point in the area and there is no legal route for rec reg to the tracks. Any participant found parking or leaving their cars around the start line will be disqualified. 

Spectators who are dropping off riders must do so in a timely manner and follow directions of OpenRoads Rally staff and volunteers.  

It is not always easy to accommodate our local laws, but in the spirit of inclusion, we do our best 👊😄
To book your tickets and shuttle spots go to

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