Event cancellation

Will the event be cancelled if it rains?

An event may be cancelled if the amount of rainfall is deemed to create an unsafe event, such as if tracks become impassable or dangerous or if there is a risk of landslide or flood. If we deem the event safe to run, you may need to assess the tracks you ride, as it generally becomes more difficult to find traction on wet tracks. Please check Discord for regular updates. Alternatively, in the case we need to cancel the event we will notify you via email. 

What conditions would constitute the event being cancelled?

Weather conditions and emergencies such as bushfires, storms, high wind, high rainfall, flooding or extreme heat may all constitute reason to re-schedule an event. 

Provided that you purchased your ticket through www.openroadsrally.com or from an authorised sales channel, you will be entitled to a refund minus booking fees where:

  1. The event is cancelled
  2. The event is rescheduled and you cannot or do not wish to attend the rescheduled event.
  3. The event is significantly relocated, and the nature of the experience and/or geographic location of the event is fundamentally altered by the relocation. You must apply for a refund within five (5) working days of the announcement of the relocation in order to obtain a refund.
  4. An event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances that arise during the event, leaving the event uncompleted. (Note however that if a substantial proportion of the event is completed then, depending on the circumstances, OpenRoads Rally may determine that a refund or exchange is not warranted in which case a refund or exchange right will not apply.
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